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Adopting Chickens

Adopting chickens is something to consider when it comes to your garden. It is best to choose ex-commercial hens, abbreviated to ‘ex-bats’. These chickens usually come from caged, shed or free-range poultry farms. It is good to be aware that these are mostly Warren hybrid chickens: as they are chosen for commercial reasons as they are fast growing and the correct size in relation to the meat supermarkets want.

Do not be alarmed if you see these Ex-bats chickens missing feathers and bald patches: this is very common. The great news being that these will grow back very quickly. It is a real pleasure to give these birds a new lease of life and space to roam, it really is a wonderfully rewarding experience.

The British Hen Welfare trust has some further advise on re-homing chickens. Link here

Although they’re a responsibility to look after, thousands of households across the country rehome caged chickens who are malnourished and in need of a place to roam freely for the rest of the years that they have available. There are many benefits to owning chickens, so here are four reasons to adopt chicken for your garden.

They Provide Lots of Eggs

Chickens lay eggs, and it’s something they’ll do a lot of before reaching those final few months or years of their life. That can be an incredible food source for yourself and the family household. By giving them the right food like vegetable seeds, for example, you’ll see a plentiful supply of fresh eggs to help with your weekly cooking and baking. It’s a great way of becoming a bit more sustainable too, as we become more conscious of our influence on the environment. If you have multiple chickens, then you could be laden with so many eggs that you’ll need to start delivering them to your neighbours. At least it’s a good way of keeping them happy with you!

It Stops Them from Being Killed

When you rehome a chicken, you’ve played a part in saving them from going to the slaughterhouse or simply dying due to malnourishment. When chickens are caged, they don’t get the same freedom that free-range eggs do. With caged chickens, they tend to have a short shelf-life. And when they’re abused so badly, they eventually stop laying eggs. At that point, they’re sent to be killed and that’s where relevant organisations step in to save them and rehome them to people like you. It can be good to know that you’ve not only saved a chicken’s life but that you’re giving them a fantastic quality of life for their remaining years to come.

They’ll Take Good Care Of Your Garden

With chickens, they’re capable of doing a lot of good in your garden then you could ever do. Chickens are a great addition if you’ve got pest problems or just want to keep those pesky pests at bay. They love protein-rich food, and so insects that are problematic to your plants and flowers are a tasty snack for them. If the free eggs aren’t a perk for you, then keeping pests under control can certainly be a helpful contribution.

It Adds Something Unique To Your Outdoor Space

Chickens are not as popular as they should be and rehoming them is a unique thing that can add something different to your outdoor space. It’s a great feature to have when you have guests over, and it can add something unique to your outdoor space for you as a household. You can have them roam around the garden at different points of the day, before putting them to bed at the end of the night.

Adopting and rehoming chickens is still very much needed, so why not do your bit and rehome some in your local area?


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