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Feldy Chicken Pecker Block Original

Feldy Chicken Pecker Block Original

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Feldy Chicken Pecker Block Tub is a bespoke boredom buster food block specifically designed to help reduce feather pecking in chicken flocks. Formulated with a holistic approach, the block is packed with essential nutrients, minerals and high energy ingredients such as Ground Wheat, Whole Wheat, Cut Maize, Flour, Limestone Flour, Refined White Fat, Sunflower, White Dari, Prairie Meal, Peanut Meal, Spice and Herb Attractant. All of these ingredients are sourced from UFAS and Red Tractor Assured suppliers, ensuring the highest quality. The block can be hung up in the pen, providing your chickens with a nutritious and tasty supplement that helps to keep them occupied and healthy. It also helps to improve bird condition, feathering, health and egg production, whilst providing added calcium for top quality egg shells. 

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