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Garvo Waterfowl Condition Show Pellets 20kg - FREE P&P

Garvo Waterfowl Condition Show Pellets 20kg - FREE P&P

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A complete pellet specially formulated for adult waterfowl, both land-eating and water-dwelling, which require extra attention to feathering and health maintenance. Perfect for breeding and show animals, this pellet can be used year-round to help achieve top condition. It contains maizemash, barley, soya dehulled extracted toasted, maize gluten feed, dehydrated alfalfa meal, apple molasses, rape seed extracted, shell grit, wheat, brewer's yeast, lecithin, and organic acids. 8 weeks before brooding, switch over to 803 waterfowl breeder pellet for optimal laying of well-fertilized hatching eggs. For ducklings and goslings, use 805 waterfowl starter minipellet from day one until the 12th week to ensure uniform growth. Afterwards, switch over to 816 waterfowl condition/show pellet.

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