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Interpet Pet Brands Encyclopedia Of Chicken Breeds & Care

Interpet Pet Brands Encyclopedia Of Chicken Breeds & Care

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This Mini Encyclopedia of Chicken Breeds & Care from Interpet Publishing is the sixth in its pet encyclopedia series. This 208-page book provides an in-depth guide to the range of breeds available, including advice on housing, health care, feeding, breeding, and showing. It also looks in detail at the history and temperament of more than 90 breeds including light breeds, heavy breeds, true bantams, and game birds. With a combination of focused text and highly illustrated content, this encyclopedia is unrivalled in terms of its depth of coverage of individual breeds. It provides easily accessed advice and hundreds of photographs, as well as being an incredibly affordable guide. This mini-encyclopedia is perfect for anyone interested in keeping poultry as pets, for their eggs, or for showing and breeding. Written by Frances Bassom, an expert in poultry breeding and a member of the Surrey Poultry Society and the Rare Poultry Society, this encyclopedia is an invaluable resource for any aspiring poultry keeper.

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