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Mr Johnsons

Mr Johnsons Chicken Crumb

Mr Johnsons Chicken Crumb

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Mr Johnson's Chick Crumbs are a natural, balanced and nutritious meal that will help keep your poultry healthy. Made with only natural ingredients, this feed can be given to chicks soon after hatching and until they are about 8 weeks old before switching them to Layer Pellets or Layers Mash. The transition should be done gradually over the period of 7 days. When they are 8 weeks old, start introducing a few Layers pellets or some Layers Mash into their Chick crumb. Gradually increase the amount of pellets or mash, and decrease the amount of crumb until after 7 days, they have been fully switched over.

This complete feed is available in 5 kg bags and is composed of wheat, soya, wheatfeed, barley, peas, extracted sunflower, full fat soya, vegetable fat, limestone, and salt. It contains 19% crude protein, 4.5% crude fibre, 4% crude oils & fats, and 5.7% crude ash.

Mr Johnson's Chick Crumbs should be fed in a quantity that the fowl will consume within one hour or so of being fed. It is best to feed their food from a trough or bowl, making sure to wash and disinfect the container regularly to avoid infection.

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