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Provita Protect 100ml

Provita Protect 100ml

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Provita Protect is an Oral supplement providing high-level multi-strain probiotic bacteria designed to prevent diarrhoea in newborn calves. It is the only probiotic which holds a Veterinary Licence to prevent calf scour, and has been clinically proven to reduce calf scour by 83%. Provita Protect oral liquid suspension supplies 10 billion unique triple strain probiotic bacteria that rapidly colonise the sterile gut of the newborn calf, preventing harmful pathogens such as E Coli from attaching to the gut wall. In addition, the probiotic bacteria also produce lactic acid which lowers the pH in the gut, further inhibiting harmful pathogens and improving digestion. Studies have shown that this can lead to a 31% increase in growth rates in clinical trials. Provita Protect is available in a 100ml bottle with an automatic dispenser, and can be used to give 10 x 10ml prevention applications, or 40 x 2.5ml individual applications to calves at birth, after digestive upsets, or following antibiotic therapy.

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