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Agrimin 24-7 Calcium Bolus Dairy Cows 12 Pack

Agrimin 24-7 Calcium Bolus Dairy Cows 12 Pack

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Agrimin 24·7 CALCIUM DAIRY COWS boluses are an oral dietary calcium supplement for dairy cows at calving. Each pack contains 12 boluses that dissolve and supply calcium within 50 minutes of administration, providing a large daily supply of 43 grams of calcium. The bolus contains calcium chloride (fast release) and calcium sulphate (slow release) for peace of mind for the farmer. It can be used in combination with existing calcium supplementation regimes, with no meat and milk withholding period. Administer one bolus at the first sign of calving, and a second bolus 12 – 15 hours post calving. For safety, do not administer to cattle under 400 kg, and avoid giving to downer cows. Store in a cool, dry place and reseal part used packs. Keep out of the reach of children.

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