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Agrimin 24-7 Copper Capsules For Lambs

Agrimin 24-7 Copper Capsules For Lambs

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24·7 COPPER LAMB are long-acting capsules for oral administration of copper to ruminating lambs with a liveweight of over 20 kg, grazing on grass or forage-based diets. It is especially useful when soil and forage copper levels are low, or where known copper antagonists such as molybdenum, iron and sulphur are present. These capsules are designed to maintain normal copper levels for up to 6 months. Copper toxicity-prone breeds and lambs that may be housed for prolonged periods and fed concentrates should not use this product. Benefits include optimised growth rates and fleece conditions. 24·7 COPPER LAMB capsules have an active life of 180 days, with no meat or milk withholding period. Many experiments and trials have been conducted to confirm the efficacy of copper oxide rods in providing consistent, available copper supplementation. In addition, live weight gain responses have also been observed. Administration directions: Ruminating lambs over 20 kg liveweight - one capsule. 24·7 COPPER LAMB is packed in tubs of 250 capsules and is available to purchase online.

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