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Agrimin Sheep Bolus Applicator

Agrimin Sheep Bolus Applicator

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For a selection of Agrimin Boluses, there are three different applicators available. Cattle Applicator A can be used with 24·7 Smartrace Cattle boluses, 24·7 Smartrace Plus Cattle boluses, All-Trace Cattle boluses, and Rumbul Magnesium Cattle bullets. Cattle Applicator B is suitable for 24·7 Copper Cattle boluses and smAll-Trace Calf boluses. Cattle Applicator C is designed for 24·7 Calcium Cattle boluses. Sheep Applicator A can be used with 24·7 Iodine, Selenium, Cobalt Breeding Ewes boluses, 24·7 Smartrace Plus Breeding Ewes, smAll-Trace Sheep boluses, and Rumbul Magnesium Sheep Calf bullets.

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