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Badminton Llama & Alpaca Mix 20kg - FREE P&P

Badminton Llama & Alpaca Mix 20kg - FREE P&P

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This Llama & Alpaca Mix is specially formulated to provide energy, protein, vitamins and minerals to camelids whose dietary requirements are not being met by forage alone. It is enriched with micronized cereals and digestible fibre to provide readily available energy, soya and alfalfa to give quality protein and Omega oils for healthy skin and hair condition and a light coating of molasses oil to improve palatability. Perfect for all camelids, it is especially useful during tough weather conditions or when the animals are struggling to maintain condition. Feeding Recommendations: A maximum of 0.5kg of Llama & Alpaca Mix per day should suffice even the larger animals. If animals struggle to maintain condition, even when being fed Llama & Alpaca Mix, better quality forage should be fed. 

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