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Barrier Blowfly Repel 500ml

Barrier Blowfly Repel 500ml

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'Blowfly Repel' is a natural product specifically designed to repel biting and bloodsucking pests, including Blowfly, Ticks, Lice, Keds, and other ectoparasites, from sheep. It is especially effective in areas where animals have been struck, and it helps to quickly and effectively rid the animal of maggots, soothe irritated areas, and protect against further strikes. Approved by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) with Licence No. 8722, 'Blowfly Repel' is suitable for use in organic farming systems and is made using only pure and natural concentrated plant derivatives. To use, apply directly to the affected area, paying particular attention to the tail area, and adjust the nozzle accordingly to ensure good coverage. It is an excellent back-up for 'Barrier D Sheep Bath Formula', and can help provide maximum protection for up to four weeks in good, dry weather, but less in wet weather. Always read the label and product information before use.

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