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Barrier Scaly Leg Ointment

Barrier Scaly Leg Ointment

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Scaly Leg Ointment is an intense and fast-acting formulation that is effective against Scaly Leg Mite on Birds & Poultry, including Chickens, Turkeys, Game & Cage Birds. This ointment suffocates scaly leg parasites instantly by physical means, whilst also soothing and calming irritation. In order to prevent infestation, it is recommended to use Scaly Leg Ointment regularly as a barrier against Scaly Leg Mite. When buying in birds, it is best to check them over and treat them as a precaution. The application should be done liberally to the legs from the hocks down, as well as the comb and wattle which can also be affected. In order to break the egg cycle, the application should be repeated every 5-6 days. All housing must also be cleared of bedding and debris and thoroughly cleaned. Scaly Leg Ointment is suitable for use in Organic and Intensive Farming Systems, and it will not taint eggs.

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