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Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn 20kg - FREE P&P

Fancy Feeds Mixed Corn 20kg - FREE P&P

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Fancy Feed Mixed Corn is a clean, dust-free blend of English wheat and cut maize, sourced locally in Britain. This complementary poultry feed is suitable for all types of poultry, waterfowl, and bantams. It provides beneficial fibre and carbohydrates to keep your feathered friends healthy. By scattering it on the floor of the pen, you can satisfy their instinct to peck and scratch. Mixed Corn helps to maintain body temperature, particularly during cold winter months. Available in 5kg and 20kg bag sizes, it is recommended to feed a treat of Mixed Corn and/or kitchen scraps in the afternoon or evening after the main ration of pellets or mash. Feed no more than 28g/1oz per bird per day in addition to the recommended amount of a fully balanced diet. Make sure to provide your birds with clean and fresh water at all times.

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