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Flexothane Classic Dortmund Jacket Green

Flexothane Classic Dortmund Jacket Green

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Flexothane Classic is a premium quality fabric that combines the best of both worlds: a high-performance hydrolysis-resistant polyurethane coating on a stretchable polyamide knitted base fabric. This unique combination of components offers excellent waterproof, wind protection and cold resistance, as well as extended durability. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, highly tear-resistant, noiseless, hygienic and environmentally friendly. It is also treated with an anti-fungal agent to resist blood borne pathogens. Flexothane Classic is a trusted and recognized worldwide brand with 40 years of experience in apparel and coating products. It is 100% waterproof and air permeable, with high frequency welded seams for maximum protection. It is also lightweight, comfortable, crease-resistant, oil-resistant, and retains its performance even after multiple washings. This makes Flexothane Classic the ideal choice for protective clothing against cold, rain, wind, and snow. It meets the strictest European standards for protective clothing, offering 100% barrier protection against blood borne pathogens.

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