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Forfarmers Calf Vitastart Pellets 25kg - Free P&P

Forfarmers Calf Vitastart Pellets 25kg - Free P&P

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ForFarmers Vitastart Calf Pellets 25kg is a specialist calf starter diet designed to promote quick rumen development, excellent bloom and condition, safe early weaning, and high daily liveweight gain. This feed comes in the form of a 3mm pellet, which is suitable for all feeding systems. It has an optimum energy mix of starch and digestible fibre to reduce the risk of acidosis and maximise DLWG. It also includes 18% protein to encourage muscle growth and frame development. This feed contains a health pack with vitamins (A, D, E & B) and minerals and trace elements (Zinc, Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) to optimise their health and fertility. Additionally, it contains a unique combination of plant extracts, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and pine, to help minimise respiratory problems and enhance immunity. Lastly, it is also fortified with Levucell TITAN, a rumen specific live yeast that promotes early rumen development.

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