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Forfarmers Ewbol 18 Platinum Nuts 25kg - Free P&P

Forfarmers Ewbol 18 Platinum Nuts 25kg - Free P&P

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Ewbol Platinum 18 is a premium quality feed that meets the needs of extensive systems and flocks with excellent lambing rates. This feed aids in producing lambs with:

• Good health and immunity
• Rapid growth
• Strength and vigor

Key Features:

• High energy level to meet the requirements of late pregnancy and early lactation, resulting in strong, healthy and fast-growing lambs
• High in digestible fiber and balanced starch content, which improves milk fat and production and helps avoid twin lamb disease
• 18% protein with high levels of undegradable protein (DUP) for heavier lambs at birth and more milk production
• Addarome to counteract the depression in intakes during the 6-8 weeks prior to lambing
• High levels of Vitamin E, Cellguard and organic selenium for improved flock health and immunity

Feeding: Introduce Ewbol Platinum 18 feed at 0.25 kg per day six to eight weeks before lambing and increase up to 1.5 kg two weeks prior to lambing, depending on ewe condition, forage quality and number of lambs.

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