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Gaun Poultry Feeder Plastic Green

Gaun Poultry Feeder Plastic Green

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This tough, durable plastic feeder is designed for chickens and game birds. Easily fill the hopper from the top by removing the lid, and see through the semi-transparent material to monitor the feed level. An anti-waste grille helps prevent food wastage and an adjustable hanging cord is included. Available in 4.4 lb (11" height, 9.4" diameter), 8.8 lb (12.2" height, 11.6" diameter), 17.6 lb (15.3" height, 14.5" diameter), 26.4 lb (16.7" height, 17.9" diameter), and 35.2 lb (21.7" height, 17.9" diameter) sizes. Perfect for any ecommerce website!

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