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Johnson's Veterinary Poultry Acv Conditioner 500ml

Johnson's Veterinary Poultry Acv Conditioner 500ml

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Give your poultry birds a supplement to support their overall wellbeing with Johnson’s ACV Conditioner. This traditional remedy is formulated with unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, offering a range of health benefits for performance and exhibition. It helps strengthen the immune system, maintain vitality, promote good digestion, and even encourages egg-laying in hens. It also works as a natural deterrent to worms and can be used to help chickens in times of stress. This 500ml value pack should be added to drinking water for adult birds (10-20ml/L) and chicks/growers (5ml/L) for one week per month. Remember to only use plastic containers when serving this apple cider vinegar poultry conditioner.

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