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Natures Grub

Natures Grub Healthy Hen Herbs 200g

Natures Grub Healthy Hen Herbs 200g

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Healthy hen herbs are a natural way to support your hens' health. This blend of botanical herbs and flowers can provide a range of benefits, from a general health boost, to improved digestion and a strengthened immune system. Nettle, marigold and mint can help to enhance yolk colour and strengthen shells, while garlic, dandelion and dill can aid digestion. Chamomile and lemon balm can help to calm your hens, and Echinacea and oregano can give a boost to their immune system. This blend can also repel insects, mites and lice. Simply add a small amount to their normal feed, scatter in their coop or offer in a separate feeder - one small handful will feed around 6 hens. Shop now to give your hens the perfect natural health boost!

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