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Natures Grub

Natures Grub Red Mite Powder Puffer Bottle 200g

Natures Grub Red Mite Powder Puffer Bottle 200g

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Red Mite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) is a 100% natural product made of the fossilized remains of ancient shell creatures, making it completely safe and inert for humans and animals. It can be used to protect animals against external parasites (lice, fleas and mites) and internal parasites (worms), as well as for general good health. It also increases the digestibility of feed when added at 1-2%, potentially helping you save money on feed. Plus, it can be used as a mineral supplement for all animals and birds. Red Mite Powder works mechanically and not chemically, so it can't create any immunity. When mites come into contact with this dust, the microscopically sharp shards scratch their waxy shells, causing them to slowly dehydrate and die. 


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