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Neogen Viroxide Super Disinfectant

Neogen Viroxide Super Disinfectant

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NEOGEN Viroxide Super is a broad-spectrum powder disinfectant that offers superior protection against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is highly effective on a range of different surfaces and water quality, and can be used for terminal disinfection and continuous disinfection in various applications, including boot dips, aerial misting and fogging, disinfection of vehicles, livestock drinking water, and hatchery, with economical in-use dilution. NEOGEN Viroxide Super offers the following benefits: Fast-acting protection through superior oxidation at low pH Increased surfactant to aid pathogen penetration and better cleaning action Proven activity against disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and fungi Keeps water pipelines clean by reducing the build-up of scale and biofilm Safe to use in the presence of livestock and farm workers during aerial disinfection Broad-spectrum kill – No known pathogen resistance Convenient to store and transport for an ecommerce website

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