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Nettex Poultry Anti Feather Pecking Spray 250ml

Nettex Poultry Anti Feather Pecking Spray 250ml

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Nettex Anti-Feather Pecking Spray is a dual-purpose product designed to help prevent pecking and cleanse minor wounds. Its effective deterrent formula has a strong odour and foul taste to discourage biting, plucking, and cannibalism. It also contains antibacterial agents for cleansing minor skin wounds and abrasions, aiding in the healing process. Cannibalism and feather pecking are complex behavioural issues for poultry, which can be exacerbated by boredom. Symptoms include pecking of the feet, vent, head, wings, and feather pulling. Use Nettex Anti-Feather Pecking Spray to help stop these issues and support your bird's health. 

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