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Nettex Poultry Sanitiser & Egg Wash 500ml

Nettex Poultry Sanitiser & Egg Wash 500ml

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This dual purpose sanitiser and egg wash is perfect for keeping your poultry equipment and eggs clean. It's easy to use with no need to rinse. Use it as part of your weekly cleaning regime for optimal results.

Sanitising Solution: Start by removing any physical residue from the item to be sanitised. Spray the item with the ready to use solution and leave for 15 minutes to dry (5 minutes for metal items). Avoid prolonged contact with metal items, and only rinse when using on metal surfaces or items. Wipe down with a clean, damp cloth and make sure the item is dry before use.

Egg Wash Solution: Remove any organic matter with a soft cloth, and then spray the egg with the ready to use solution, leaving it to dry. There's no need to rinse the eggs.

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