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Provita Lamb Colostrum Concentrate

Provita Lamb Colostrum Concentrate

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Provita Lamb Colostrum is an ideal substitute for natural colostrum for newborn lambs. It contains a high level of EU sourced dried colostrum and egg powder, providing the necessary carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins for the lamb. This form of carbohydrate quickly boosts the lamb’s blood sugar levels, giving it the energy needed to keep its body temperature up and get up and suckle. It is easy to mix with lukewarm water. When to use: At birth to support the lamb in getting up and suckling. Weight of pack and application: 12 x 50g – 12 substitute (50g) or 24 supplementary applications (25g). 500g – 10 substitute (50g) or 20 supplementary applications (25g). 1.25kg – 25 substitute (50g) or 50 supplementary applications (25g). 2.5kg - 50 substitute (50g) or 100 supplementary applications (25g).

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