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Verm-X Original Pellets For Cows 1.5kg

Verm-X Original Pellets For Cows 1.5kg

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Verm-X for Farm Animals can help to control intestinal problems, promote good health, and maintain a healthy gut and digestive system. It is designed with blood-cleansing properties that can improve the general look of cattle when used. Intestinal issues in farm animals can lead to significant weight loss, decreased milk production, and even death. For these reasons, Verm-X can be used year-round without any effect on the meat or milk, so there is no reason to not use it to either tackle a current challenge or prevent a new one from coming up. The ingredients included are wheat meal, wheat feed meal, micronised beet pulp, limestone flour, cinnamon, garlic, common thyme, peppermint, fennel, cleavers, nettle, sunflower oil, slippery elm, quassia, cayenne, seaweed meal, and dicalcium phosphate. The recommended daily feed amounts and how often Verm-X should be fed for alpacas, cows, llamas, pigs, and sheep and goats can be found on our website.

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