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Verm-X Original Pellets For Pigs

Verm-X Original Pellets For Pigs

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Verm-X for Farm Animals is a natural product that helps maintain intestinal health and promote good gut health, as well as providing blood cleansing properties to improve the general look of animals. Using Verm-X all year round can help to prevent or fight existing intestinal challenges which can lead to weight loss, reduced milk production and even death. The product contains a range of natural ingredients such as wheat meal, wheatfeed meal, micronised beet pulp, limestone flour, cinnamon, garlic, common thyme, peppermint, fennel, cleavers, nettle, sunflower oil, slippery elm, quassia, cayenne, seaweed meal and dicalcium phosphate. The recommended daily feed amounts and how often Verm-X should be fed differs depending on the type of animal, please refer to the feeding guidelines for the appropriate amount.

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